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    "If you stay forever, let me hold your hand
    I can fill those places in your heart no else can
    Let me show you love, oh, I don't pretend, yeah
    I'll be right here, baby, you know I'll sink or swim."
    - At My Worst, Pink Sweats

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    This Universe or Another Universe

    Under the lilac skies, I have seen dreams of you and I becoming an us. But then as the dust from the atmosphere settled on my ukulele, I found those dreams to be a lost cause, a dream built on bleak bricks.

    I think I'll make my peace with our fate. The lines of our palm were never meant to be, anyway. I'm almost sure that you don't love me back, after all why would you? Why should you? I know I'm falling for you, slowly and steadily with every thing you say or do. Even as you stay still, you're so perfectly woven.

    Yes, you have your insecurities. Your own imperfections. And your own past. But I love how you make me feel, like I'm worth all the love in this world. Like I deserve to be on this earth. But it sucks, because I feel like I deserve to be with you. Do you feel the same too? God, I'm almost sure you don't but the part of me which believes in happy endings makes me think that maybe, in some universe if not this one, you love me back.

    And then the reason why I keep trying and fall back into the same feeling over and over again, is because I can't help feeling that maybe, or what if, this is that universe? In the aesthetic that I paint, a world where just you and I are present all night stargazing, is my favourite aesthetic. I don't know what to name it, so I'll just call it 'us'. And as my eyes start closing, I know that the last name I mutter under my breath before falling asleep is yours.

    And then the name I mutter as soon as I wake up, is yours. So my morning begins with you, and it ends with you.

    So tell me, is this that universe, where I don't just have to dream but us is a reality? Or is it just my cloudy head, occupied with things that are pleasant but never meant to happen?

    Do tell me, if you can, do you love me back in any of the universe? And is it this universe? Because I'll wait till that universe comes. After all, I'm good at waiting.