• ___nujazi_farooq 8w

    Valley in despotism

    From the breezes of morn beyond the aura of dawn
    The scare of scavengers unfurled to animate's lawn
    The vultures prickly combated the garden of roses
    Entitled themselves to be guardians of their hopes
    The flowers were segregated from inflorescence brutally
    Trampled in both, bud and flourished phases ruthlessly
    Time gripped its hands to the slyness of tyrants
    Wreak havoc ruthlessly on the garden of innocents
    Cruelty heaped to the peak of celestial extremity
    The tyrant is enjoying the verge of liquidation ferocity
    Frozen and ashen sky scattered into tears of despair
    Sponged up the laments, the earth collapsed into hushed blare
    Birds calmness dried trees to autumnal flame
    Toppling foliages sing lullabies of their liquidation claim
    Unheard wails waiting for the zenith of assent
    My lacrimal is wetting slurred scribbles of piercing torment