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    It has been three days, when Abhinav hadn't attended the office. Somewhere deep down, Aditya knew the reason, for it was quite visible in Kritika's eyes, the day she bid him good-bye. And these 72 hours, Aditya has worked off really hard. He met with at least 3 clients daily, and followed the presentation details even late at night, and sometimes till early morning. The staff co-operated with him, without any question, because when the boss works hard, the team works harder. It was Mr. Mehra who didn't like this approach. Though these three days have added a lot to their profits, so he couldn't argue or even oppose Aditya. At the end of third day, when it was nearly upto 1 at night, and Aditya walked past him, he followed him.

    "Hey, Mr. Mehra, why are you up this late?"
    "How can a servant leave, when the master is working, Sir?"
    "Enough of your formalities, Mr. Mehra. How many times shou.."
    "Why are you hustling this much? Is there any big project in near future which I'm not aware of?"
    "Nothing like that, Mr. Mehra. Isn't it good to work hard, even when you've no deadlines? That's how we bloom?"
    "At what cost, sir?"

    Aditya remained silent knowing what he's trying to mean. He hadn't slept since three days, but he couldn't tell Mr. Mehra, that even if he wasn't working hard, he'd still be not taking care of his health. Kritika was the much needed storm of his life. And she has cleared up a lot of his mess, yet after a storm has passed, it takes time to go with the routine. He knew he'll manage things again, and better this time, but he also knew it would take time. And he has learnt from her, when things aren't well at personal level, we should work hard to get things better at professional level. Kritika had done brilliantly on professional front in last two years. He looked upto her, as his idol.

    "I know, master, it's hard. But your body needs relaxation too. Since, Mr. Kapoor will be back tomorrow, you can take a day or two off to chill."
    "Abhinav won't stay here for long, Mr. Mehra. We have to work hard these two three months, make profits as much as we can, and do whatever w.."
    "Two three months? Not here for long? What all of this means? Has he applied for resignation?"
    "Exactly! Why would someone leave this company, right sir? You've offered him such a good package, what more an employee expects?"

    Aditya knew the reason, but he kept it to himself. He doesn't want to trouble Mr. Mehra. As they both sat in the car, Aditya felt a little cold. He adjusted the temperature, and thought what it would feel like if he was there in Kritika's arms. He remembered her passionate tight hug, and that warmth covered him all over. A faint smile blossomed on his face, and he switched off the heater.

    "To be honest, Sir, i somehow feel jealous of Kritika."
    "Huh? What? Why!"
    "Since she has came into your life, you've begun keeping secrets. Earlier you used to tell me all that ran into your mind, if not heart, even if a little late."
    "Haha, nothing like that, kaka. You're still my favourite human!"
    "I'm glad you've not married her, otherwise, where would i have gone to?"
    "You're exaggerating the situation, Mr. Mehra. And there's nothing like secret, I just want to make major profits, from the parties i don't feel good connection. From the parties, i, to be honest, is scared of, because i think they can cheat us."
    "Exactly sir. You've taken a good amount of risk, past these days, and i was wondering where did you get all this courage from?"

    "It's not courage, it's a good luck charm she has brought with herself. Till the time, she is here, i want to do everything i am scared of, because i know it all will work positively. Once she's gone, i know, I'll have to play appropriately. It's not like, without her Srivastava company wasn't doing good, but the market rise since last three months, has been astonishingly well and some of us can believe it to be because of raised economy, but i want to believe it differently. Abhinav's presence of mind has helped in marketing sector, adding to our incomes. Our rivals thought we'll perish after our manager resigned, and two clients deny to deal with us. But they didn't see what our fortune has in its basket."

    "It's amazing, sir. Seems like those in love always have a different perspective to general public."
    "Isn't it the same with you, Mr. Mehra. That's why you still wear the same old watch, your wife once gifted you?"
    "You're right sir. We all believe in things, that might not make any sense to others, but makes total sense to ourselves."

    Aditya passed a smile, and began humming a mild tune, when Mr. Mehra intervened again.
    "What did you mean, when you said, earlier, about two three months, Sir?"
    "You, kaka!"
    "Come on, baba. Tell me. Is it confirm, that Mr. Kapoor will leave soon?"
    "I don't know, honestly. But i know one thing, that Kritika loves Abhinav, and she has finally realised it. She moved to this city, because it was unbearable to live at the same place, her father passed away, and she was married to a man, she considered her best friend only. She wanted an escape from the reality. But i guess, now she has accepted the truth wholeheartedly, and she would like to go back. If that happens, Abhinav will leave too."
    "Hmm. I see."

    There was a complete silence, somehow, it all made sense. Mr. Mehra didn't ask more, because he always knew his limits. He felt sad for his master, because he always wanted him with Kritika. It was true, she has changed his life for the good. Until now, Mr. Mehra always lived in stress, thinking how would his master live, if something happened to him. After Kritika's encounter, and the growing love in Aditya's eyes for her, made him believe that she will be there for him. He could die in peace, but now the story was different. He felt the old stress returning. He sighed.

    "It's not that sad, Mr. Mehra. Once you meet her again, you'll realise how much she has changed. And Abhinav is the only right man for her."
    "He might be the right man, sir. But you were the Best Man for her."

    Aditya squeezed his hand, he knew Mr. Mehra was right. If Kritika could be his, he'd never let her go to any man. Even the thought of her being in someone else's arms made him revolting. But he knew, she loves Abhinav, not him. He wondered if she could love him instead, and divorce Abhinav. They could spend their entire lives dancing, and making love to each other. What a paradise it would be.

    "But, sir, you've that portrait of hers, in your office. That's not going anywhere, so what's the hurry?"
    "Haha! Your memory must be awarded, Mr. Mehra. Ofcourse, we've that portrait. But that will also be discarded away soon."
    "Discarded? As in?"
    "As in, nothing, Mr. Mehra. Enjoy the ride, and don't think much. Getko's art is amazing, yet the portrait shows one side only, I'm bored of it."
    "Bored? You can ask for a better portrait since now you've seen every side of Mrs. Kapoor."
    "That's why, Mr. Mehra, that's why. I've seen so many sides of her, that it can't be depicted on sheets of paper, that can't be captured on our cameras. I've felt all her sides, and that feeling is more than enough for surviving this life."
    "I've always prayed that you enjoy the life, you're building for yourself, but seems like you want to survive only."
    "Prayers don't work well, all the time, Mr. Mehra. We don't get what we ask for."
    "No sir. Prayers do wo.."
    "Did i ask for my parent's untimely demise? Did i ask for a working childhood? Did i ask for early maturity? Did i ask to be used by my girlfriend? Tell me kaka, what have i done so bad, that every person i loved, left me broken? Did i ask for it?"

    A tear slipped down his cheek, and he pressed the button to automatically open his side window. Wild air rushed onto his face, and he recalled how Kritika broke likewise into his arms. He felt weak, he wanted her arms now. He felt used again. Previously, he was used financially, this time he felt used emotionally. His heart ached for her, but his soul was as calm as the moonlight falling onto his face.


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    We all believe in things, that might not make any sense to others, but makes total sense to ourselves.