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    ~With You~

    Secluded in my own world
    I was cloaked in pink and blue
    Nescient for my desire–
    Love; that sui generis feeling,
    Which trespasses in,
    Penetrating hearts many,
    Of the toughest and roughest,

    /It wasn't my flaw!
    All passive emotions were unbidden,
    A mallacht– I was cursed with,
    To be unloved forever

    It's an eclipse unlucky; they say–
    When the moon kisses the sun,
    I kept on wanting that lune,
    For my incandescent black body/

    And–she came; raining snow flakes
    Her name was love, so was she!
    Sparks of koi ni yokan–
    She lit in–and a beast was smitten
    My contumelious words,
    Soon turned into romantic ballads,

    I was that unread book–
    Appeasing I wasn't, but;
    She read me; each word of mine,
    Until–the deadliest chapter came

    /It was titled 'the gem of trust'
    Which I still didn't entrust to her,
    And time summoned me,
    To confess my harsh reality,
    My own self; my sexuality;

    I began with a dry voice–
    "Love–they say is sans boundaries,
    Tell me! These are fake stories,
    Love prances for beauty– else,
    Will a morus ever love an hibiscus?"/

    And she sang back:
    "With your feminine kindness,
    And masculine gentleness
    You have won me– I adore you evermore,
    Our love is unique and infinite,
    Just like the sunflower and sunlight!"

    //Hold my hand now!
    On pearled unicorns,
    Will you fly high with me?

    I am with you!
    Forgetting sorrows,
    Will you bloom my willows?//

    © tejaswini_3

    Sexuality can never seperate true lovers, isn't it?


    Sui generis: Unique

    Koi ni yokan : ( in Japanese) A tingling feeling when you fall in love

    Hibiscus: It is bisexual in nature, hence I mentioned it


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