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    //When they are both from Venus //
    She's dried the tears he left on your face and you've heard her smiles stretch across her eyes ,you've seen it all.

    Her ex is a nagging scratch on your friend's heart's wall and even when she's put up a new painting, you see the nasty scar, the efforts it took to paint the wall ,you've seen it all.

    She's shared the dreams she carried with her sober and shared drunk . You've heard and understood them, been the loudest cheerleader, you, you've heard them all.

    You've stayed awake on nights you heard her feelings shatter and howl and you've been the dreamcatcher to your nightmares. You snatched them all.

    On days she held on to her body gingerly looking at it through the blanket of her insecurities, you've seen her and told her the truth over a phone call, that she's a goddess and that the man who gets her will have it all.

    You've seen her on the days she has grey clouds looming over her worried head and you've heard her and shared memes and silly anecdotes and anything that will extract a laugh or a smile or a glimmer of hope, anything at all.

    They say you need love to survive but mostly you need light. Light to shine in on your self and love yourself for who you are. And that's the biggest delight and the toughest fight and you're lucky if you have one or two female friends who might just make it worth the fight.
    Here's to the lights of my life. You know who you are :)
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