• andrew__ 148w

    Field of Silence

    I sat back down in the grass.
    Pushed my pencil back behind my ear.
    Flipped the page in my journal.
    Error here.
    Error there.
    The sound of the quick dashes from my pen filled in the silence.

    A hummingbird pecking at a tree.
    The wind in the grass cutting through the leaves.
    The warm sunlight laid across my back.
    A beautiful day.
    My thoughts rush to the pen in my hand.
    More blue markings fill the page.

    I stop suddenly.
    The traffic in my head has come to a stop.
    I look up at the horizon.
    Grey clouds and rain fill the sky.
    I push my pencil back behind my ear.
    I pick up my journal from the dark green grass.

    The journey back is long.
    But I'll make it back in time.