• mithumarkose 77w


    I walked alone,
    under the blistering sun.
    agonized and scarred;
    The heat shattered me,
    levigated me to dust.

    Blended with the loam,
    scattered all around,
    I was sheltered;
    under the fallen foilage.
    I was nourished and fostered,
    by the yellow-orange shades of bliss.

    The milky crystals started falling,
    wrapping earth
    with flakes of purity.
    Frozen and soldified,
    I descended to the pool of dormant,
    waiting for the pupa to break.

    Blessed with life,
    I germinated to the joyous world,
    stretching the viridescent arms.
    Graced by sunlight,
    and beatified with water,
    I blossomed,
    marveling eyes of all.
    And he called me,
    "the purple tale of love."

    Mithu Markose | 16-02-2021

    #mirakee #pod #readwriteunite #writersnetwork

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