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    __KASHMIR______________________ Outside~ for everyone...

    A paradise on earth,
    Green Valley like heaven,
    Surrounded by mountains,
    Looks more beautiful with snowfall,
    With beautiful flowers blooming everywhere,
    With an attractive look,
    With a beautiful culture and calmness.

    KASHMIR___________________ Inside ~for us...
    This is a red valley like hell,
    Colourfull due to blood fall,
    Blooming stones everywhere,
    Afraid of violence.
    Here the hearts are bleeding, fresh blood of young ones over the roads is bleeding.
    Demolished dreams of every daughter, every father, every mother , every son are floating with blood..
    Tears from the eyes of Kashmir ..

    KASHMIR:_ Once with the fresh air and water
    Nature with sweet fragrance, where the morning
    started with the songs of birds.. BUT Now
    Here the blood flows, morning starts with
    bloodshed and evening with funeral prayers (janazah).
    Here the children,
    Waiting for their father's to come back home
    with a new toy ..with a happy life...
    But they come with their eyes closed .
    with the weird life..

    Every day, all we hear are the innocent cries of the innocents." BABA BABA OPEN YOUR EYES,
    My beautiful kashmir is now a bleeding kashmir..
    This was the glimpse of my beautiful (bleeding) kashmir....

    Kehtay hai ek insaan ka qatl kar k puri
    insaaniyat ka qatl hota hai baba,
    Lekin yha toh subh shaam qatl hotay hai..
    Kahi sapnu ka toh kahi apnu ka..
    Yeh kaisa waqt aaya baba,
    Mar kai bhi marnay nhi detay,
    tohmatein itne laga kai , jo jee rhay hai unko
    jenay nhi detay...

    Note: all this i wrote is not for any kind of violence here,
    Miraquill is just like a family, so i shared true incidents of my place..

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    Kashmir is Bespattered with blood,
    Then ,
    Why this always seems weird..