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    This is a byproduct of a long convo with a really special friend of mine who was heartbroken, almost a year ago... I wrote this poem quite randomly, so read it only if you want to.
    And please BE REAL. BE GENUINE.

    Ps. This is a repost from a bunch of my initial poetries, which got deleted by mistake. Hope you don't mind reading it again!

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    The Girl...

    The girl you touched in that way
    Still experiences nightmares which led her astray

    The girl you grabbed like that
    Still with herself is in a combat

    The girl you body shamed years back
    Still gets conscious and her confidence still lack(s)

    The girl you made out with and at last dump(ed)
    Still has in her throat a dilemma's lump

    The girl you abused mercilessly... you remember whom?
    Still fears to face the world outside her room

    The girl you wrote shit about in comments
    Still is afraid to post something on events

    The girl who loved you so deeply but whom you betrayed
    Still is not able to love her ownself , cursing herself for "how you played!"

    The girl who wished to live a long life with you
    Still oftenly questions herself, "I'm still surviving, is that even true?"

    The girl who was a life loving person
    Still asks her destiny, "Are you still not done?"

    The girl who was a normal human being
    Still can't find any reason left for living