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    @phoenix_in_ashes from being my inspiration to falling for you, you've been the best part of my miraquill journey ❤️


    It's phoenix jo ki mujhse bana hi nhi

    The beginning concrete has words written by Deepesh only :)

    And the COMMENT SECTION, just made my heart go like awwwww, how sweet you all are ❤️

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    • (I am) •
    • (a burning) •
    •Setting (phoenix) burning•
    • the skies on fire (in ashes) skin gleaming •
    • by ardent phoenix, with compassion •
    •within, Drowned in affection and ignited reveries search-•
    • -ing for affection while soul is fading. Plethora of •
    •enrapture as distance begin scintillated by own flight •
    • towards freedom, scathing past •
    • when days were spent in •
    • ashes to reborn •
    • only to fall freely •

    The sun
    has swallowed
    all the disdains that
    p r o l iferated o n my
    b a r e skin and I have
    been gulping solace in
    order t o wash dark-
    -ness out of my
    soul, buds
    of healing has out-
    grown on m y chest
    libera -ting m y breaths from
    exhausti -on and chains of pyrrole.
    Unnamed thoughts roaming i n m y
    l-i-tt-l-e mind while the rebellion i n
    my heart h a s quenched m y th-irst,
    dreams have sma-shed bet--ween
    my feet- -s again b u t courage has
    got th-- -ousand rebirths. W o r d s
    have fall en to ashes silence cho
    -ked the gulf of m y throat, so I
    hold peace forever, b u t it
    looks like sun,it revolves aro
    -und my e d g e s during d a y
    while at night it leaves me hea-
    -rtbroken. And the second time
    I fall in love is with 'hope',hope
    that smells like t h e rage of a
    mariner aimed t o drag hurric-
    anes below the rippling waves,
    hope that blooms like a wild-
    flower at the corner of my
    wrist on uneven days.
    Tired of feeding on
    desolation and bas
    -king upon triviality,
    I embellish scars
    to build in my own
    castle, I'm the rem
    -nant of shredding
    that has adjourn-
    ed i n t o pieces,
    and my arms un
    -furls like wings
    when I burn in
    dreams a n d
    out-shine my
    soul with pas-
    ssion, when a
    f r o z e n h e a r t
    melts upon my dece-
    -mber breaths and I rise
    l i k e phoenix i n ashes.