• tardigrade 30w

    But I'm okay/Make me okay

    It's funny how you seem different everyday
    But the more you change,more you stay the same,
    wish I could say that about myself but I can't today
    I didn't predict things going this way, but I'm okay.

    I remember the time I made stories from your shapes
    saw your stars shine, rain fall, got hit with your hail
    played on the school ground, as if everyday was my last day
    But like I said,I changed and you didn't,but I'm okay.

    Oh yes I have a job, I can pay the bills
    might not be earning mils but I am eating meals
    but the schoolboy in me who had glorious dreams
    won't go away and that's a shame,but I'm okay.

    As a single digit I shot questions at my dad
    In my teens I found the world and it got me mad
    And now in my twenties I ask questions of myself
    blind as a bat to them , I hope the answers come in braille

    So I ask dear sky, how did you manage to get away
    How you changed everyday, but stayed the same
    Because you know I tried, I failed, I tried again
    Could you hit me with the answers like you did with hail,
    and make me okay.