• niaj_ihdirap 42w

    YOU ARE AUDIBLE, dear teacher!

    In the peaks of sleeping time,
    Whenever the clock shows nine,
    The teacher is up,
    Leaving everything like breakfast and brunch,
    And hurries with the laptop to the an isolated room,
    Where the maid has not even used a single stick of broom.
    The kids are joining on and on,
    And till that time the teacher remains mute.
    One child says, Good morning ma'am!
    And the duty starts with a fresh new plan
    and this thing you see, it's formed when you put alot of salt into some brie! Got it children?
    She ensured everything is heard,
    She ensures everything is learnt,
    She ensures not much is given for home,
    She ensures that not even a single kid feels gone!
    Okay so the next question is......
    This is how she takes assessment,
    Not forcing anyone to show contentment.
    Nearly 3 hours in day
    And remaining 3 that come along the way,
    Is all that is expected from her,
    Is she a daily wage worker?
    Just 6 hours is what they say,
    Ask a maths teacher,
    It's actually 1/4 of a whole big day!
    Checking assessment of children is not easy,
    I can guess how much they wish they could just flee!
    Lockdown has been difficult for all,
    But for teachers remaining warm doesn't mean bad times are gone!
    For all those who think this, you're wrong,
    Crosscheck by thinking about connecting with 50 children in a room, asking them to seprately sing a song.
    Mute children! Unmute children! is where half hours goes,
    And her plans for the day are all pissed off!
    How she thought of completing 5 pages today,
    But how it ended up with just 2 pages a day.
    Her life, it's all screwed up!
    But still with a smile on the face,
    She greets every child with a happy day!
    We might not understand her situation,
    Because we're all oursleves screwed up on our extra long vacation!