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    My submission for the unique challenge hosted by @jaya___

    There was a time when you were hopeful, thinking that the silver lining won't pose as a distant dream.

    But there was a time when I wasn't even hopeful about Hope. Life is not fair, and I learnt it the hard way. I accuse Life for being guilty of larceny. It took some extremely priced possessions from me that I once held close to my heart.

    Albeit, soon I found that what I held dear to me was the reason for my misery. I was so inebriated by them that I relinquished my grasp on pragmatism. Living in illusions and fantasies was something I adhered to for so long as I felt that nothing else would grant me euphoria.

    Hence, it was necessary. For me to experience the epiphany that, even though brought me utmost torment, made me realise where I should invest verity. Something that gave me a verisimilitude view at the inception, was in fact a conductor of arson.

    So I decided to placate my mind by sprinkling the powder of Hope. My imperfections made me debonair. And I felt that it is a discombobulating struggle to keep perfection alive. That is the sole reason why I have decided to 'Go with the flow'.

    Alas! Embracing the concept of Enso.


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    You once told me that
    Imperfections are in vogue
    As they speak of hope
    For improvisation