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    I am in the mood
    to dissolve
    in the sky.
    - Virginia Wolf


    And that's how we ruin the moments worth living, trying to capture them in poetries. We crave for things beyond the sky saying there's no limit but then why do we chain ourselves to the past? Maybe it's cause the comfort in lying on the parched ground is better than the uncertainity of flying amidst the burning clouds.

    Sometimes we have to let go of the anchor that's deep buried in our hearts, piercing our skin. Letting go sounds so breezy but the act of doing it is harsh and heavy and so most of the times we just sit and do nothing. In the end it's in our hands whether to get rid of the hurting or stay still till all our senses go numb.

    There's a bird that chirps loudly on the tree outside my window almost at the same time everyday and though I've never seen her, I've tried but the large mango tree hides the little creature behind dense green bushes that are so calming to the eyes; the soft and sweet melody always brings a smile to my face. She reminds me that I too have wings and that I can choose where my home could be, that I can someday be carefree. And so I try to live, a little everyday.

    Today the ether is a pastel shade of grey hope which promises a winsome dawn and so I sing lullabies of amber with the serene winds to pacify the charring stars.

    The sky has always been my abode, for I believe I'm a caged bird. But I do believe that someday I'll fly so high that even the sun will stay little longer just to see my wings shimmer with stardust in the tranquil twilight.


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