• rustiee 22w

    3:45 AM -- 8 march, 2022

    Its funny but its true
    I do think I might end up being alone, sad and depressed all over again.
    Its just a thought
    But maybe I just dont want to
    Be depressed ? Or sad ? Or alone....
    I wouldn't had mind if it were like about a year ago or so
    I was actually good at being alone back then
    But now,
    Things have changed...
    I think I have found someone worth fighting for.
    Someone I care for...
    I think, I dont want to stay all by my own anymore.
    I think, I dont even have to.

    She makes me feel complete and confident.
    She makes me a better person, a better version of myself.
    And she makes me feel as if I am worthwhile.
    Like I am the best she can ever get while I am not even close to what she really deserves.

    I just hope, I survive...
    I just hope, this time
    I get a happy ending too !