• sereiin 32w

    Poems are often written
    about roses that wilt and
    wallflower that grow aloof and
    sunflowers that never bloom
    and how grief aches over them;
    and never about how
    roses flicker your eyes every time they bloom
    and wallflower that dances to the
    swaying hymns of the sunflowers.

    There are always pretty skies
    clinging at the footsteps of rhymes
    where they suck the sadness out of me
    that talk about heartbreaks a little too fondly
    and how they carry grief like
    a handkerchief in the breast pocket.

    And there is poetry written
    all over me but all I can smell is stale
    metaphors of hope stringed
    with happiness at its bottom.

    Happiness has abounded me
    like the eulogies I write to dramatic skies
    and my never-ending epilogues to love.

    @writersnetwork thank you:")♥️

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