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    Olav's Story: Chpt. 26

    Olav arched an eyebrow at Rachel as he gave her a crooked grin. ‘You think I'm handsome?’

    Everyone in the room then laughed as Rachel smiled and blushed. ‘Well, you are.’

    He gently laughed at her as he took her hand and kissed it. ‘Thank you, My Love. I feel that you’re beautiful.’

    Rachel’s smile lingered as Carrie and Nicholas studied each other lovingly.

    It wasn’t long, however, that silence overcame the room. It was then that Olav had continued with his and Rachel’s story.

    Rachel looked beautiful as she looked down from her window with her beaming smile as she waved down at me. I waved at her back before waving her down.

    Moki saw that I had waved Rachel down to see to us, and smiled at me. ‘Oh, interested in her, are you?’

    I returned the smile. ‘I simply find her attractive.’

    Moki nodded as his smile faded. ‘Olav, as a doctor, I’m normally not supposed to say anything, but she’s a patient. She literally ran into me as I was driving.’

    I frowned. ‘Was she alright?’

    ‘That night, no. She was frightened due to the fact that she was attacked.’

    I was about to ask him a question before I heard a woman cry out. I turned to the direction of the sound and there was Rachel, being approached by a strange man who was grabbing her arm. She looked frightened.

    He saw the direction I was staring at. Moki’s eyes widened as he noticed that the man was rough with Rachel.

    I tuned in to Rachel’s and that fellow's conversation.

    ‘You were supposed to leave,’ Rachel demanded.

    ‘I’m not leaving until we talk.’ The man's hand wouldn’t leave her arm.

    ‘What? So you can hit me again? No thanks!’ Rachel’s started squirming. ‘Now let me go!’

    ‘Are you going to talk to me?’

    ‘No! I want you to leave!’

    'We must help her,’ I told Moki.

    Moki nodded as he followed me as I ran towards them.

    The man, Clive, had gritted his teeth as he raised his hand to hit Rachel. ‘You’re going to LET ME TALK TO YOU!’

    I had then grabbed the bastard’s hand before I began to twist his arm as he cried out.