• wanifalak235 37w


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    I was wandering in search of peace
    But was scolded and silently pierced
    Why they killed me but left me to live
    Was that all my heart wished for ?
    Speak to me!
    My heart is free!
    My nights are upset and mornings mourning
    Am i here to bear the pain
    Or just to let it all vain
    Isn't this beautiful , evenings gloom
    As i reached my morning bloom
    Why the nights are so cold and quiet
    Even if they carry the loudest cries and riots
    Nights full of light!
    But also with plight!
    Listen to this intricate voice of your heights
    This intrinsic feeling , a loud and dull but filled white!
    To the alley and down to greens
    Let go off the past storms , night passes and left some beams