• sharma_ritika 48w

    There's this fine looking guy,
    Little bit timid, and kinda shy .
    When I see the glitter in his eyes,
    I feel like kissing him until time flies.
    He can get anyone's attention,
    Yet he loves it convention.
    He lives far away from my home,
    And is hard like a pome..
    All the beautiful moments we share together,
    How I long to be with him forever.

    He spreads cuteness all around,
    And he contains, joy abound.

    I'm not the perfection in his world,
    But he loves my imperfections, without judging me for anything.

    After all I wish,
    He could see the angel I see,
    When he reads my words with glee

    In my world of nothingness,
    he is my everything.