• asphodel_ 50w

    Happy to say, yes I'll welcome 2021 with a new look.
    I've moved on.

    (I hope you read it xD)
    You = the person I'm pointing knows well.
    Bye bye to 'YOU'.

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    10 De-c-(ember) 20/20

    ♡ Some few more countable days to end the year with dual power of ten.

    I beguile with numbers owing my life
    but I never wish to understand them.
    "Yes, I wish to end this leap year today".
    Not an obdurate vision since it's still incomplete.

    The funeral of this particular year
    is going to offer me a collection of vintage memories,
    even though I refuse to hold them.
    We do mourn over the loss of sanguinary of the years
    despite despising the days it gifted,...nothing new,
    we're sapiens with the huge power of
    self-consciousness... we own to do that.

    Might be a CoiNciDencE:

    the whole world is screaming about the dreadful effects of pandemic,
    portraying it a natural disaster.
    But ik it somewhere, it's all intentional.
    I was never a poet
    but the cologne of regrets
    made me atone through the ink.
    How come the blue's were so warm,
    it made the whole world pale
    with the demon in me.

    Maybe it was destined to
    or I tried creating new fate of mine
    but the dead year had turned my life
    not just upside down.
    It has changed the axis of rotation,
    angle of inclination,
    the space clock, seasons
    and everything that my little earth once owned.

    It wasn't that devastating
    to look my world destroying
    in front of my eyes
    since I was an idle unaware of the things happening.
    I tried to bump my head but it was too late.
    Everything was shattered in a way
    it couldn't be revived again.

    Perhaps the world would never
    witness a sixth mass extinction
    coz it existed just for
    my speck of earth and
    the life there is extinct.
    Every emotion, aim, smile, moment, relation and life
    existing there had disappeared for great reasons.
    Life breathing there was me, right?
    I'm dead for sure
    but my respiration rate is still normal
    with the heart pumping normally.

    I'm homeless for now
    and the nomad under my skin
    is flinching for a new abode.
    A home - not so weak to tumble down with my screams.

    Not just the roof over my head
    but the attire I'm wearing needs to be buried.
    I want to burn the old bruises on the funeral day of this year
    to bring back a new shine.
    The one gleaming the self acceptance and self love sustaining inside me.

    Not so big but yes, a bucket list would be a floral gift.
    The traits of new born in me will sprinkle for good sorts. I'll be free to fly without the clouds pouring any heap.
    There would be just me and me.


    ● Baby, you need not fear stepping in with the flaws you have. Everyone will pinch you, since they are jobless. (IGNORE )

    ● You need not worry about the way you look, you have a good heart instead. Stop being low for so little row.

    ● You need not hide the true you, since you are living the life you own. Stop fooling yourself for the things you never owned.

    ● Wear that short dress in your wardrobe if you really want. Let others call you characterless, since you already are. (ironic : you are already judged by people, let them fuck their ass with the same)

    ● Stop running from things in the fear of losing them. Coz this way you'll lose everything you deserve to own.

    ● Start smiling, it's free of cost.

    ● Just move on with good vibes, everything and everyone is gone.

    ● Stop acting classy, since you are dumbo acting it. Be as simple as you're, there is nothing to be ashamed of it.

    ● Start seeing the good around you, and leave the dark room.
    (since I pity you seeing in such state everyday. ILY and want you to love me the same way)

    ● Stop welcoming shit in your mind and life, if you can't hold it.

    ● Last, start crying. You need it, right?