• wisteria_ 81w

    I don't care what they say
    I know what you meant for me that day
    I just wanted another try
    I just wanted another night
    Even if it doesn't seem quite right
    You meant for me much more
    Than anyone I've met before

    Let me sing you a waltz
    Out of nowhere, out of my blues.

    ~ Julie Delpy

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    I wonder if everyone has that one person, who they someday wish to see on the other side of a crossroad. It could be more than one person too maybe. A best friend, who became someone with a known name, and someone you looked at from the corner of your eyes, when you both were busy forgetting each other, sooner or later. A lover, or a love that remained silent, so long like a lump you learned to live with, and every time you tried to spit it out, it could only hurt, every time, it chokes you.

    And maybe then, some days memories rain when the sky quietly tears up. What wouldn't you do differently this time, right? Yet, I'd like to believe a story once ended, ends forever. It's stupid to wait, and stupider to believe. And every time you sat next to a tree, and cried a tear, and rushed up again, on arrival of people and their reminders, the tear somewhere stayed inside. It never came out.

    Sometimes, you become someone you can't undo. You can't go back to a you, who could smile a little more and laugh a little less. You can't go back to a you, who'd ask for a hug when needed, or say the things you're scared of saying. Sometimes when the chaos settles, you learn that silence is scarier. Who do you think about, when it's too silent?