• ckeerthana 18w

    I wish I could live in 1980s & 90s
    As a young teenager or a youngster
    When Raja sir music was magical
    When Chennai was in no mention
    And Madras had it's own taste
    When Rahman sir stringed songs of love
    When Mobile phones were never born
    When one landline call would be so special
    While travelling would be memorable
    When pollution was not in sight of dawn
    While ice kollas from vendors was a bliss
    When playing together in ground
    After school time was a real fun
    When the tension load of books was less
    When watching movies in theatres was an excitement
    When Marina beach was free of plastics
    When selfie was not a trendsetter
    While one group photo has so much to tell
    When internet was just a booming love
    When newspaper was valued so high
    When letters even though one ,
    would always be treasured
    I envy those times even if technology
    Wasn't improved people had more happiness
    I wish I was there to see!!!!!

    #mirakee #wod #bygone #life #memories #vibes #90s #80s #madras

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