• for_my_unicorn 20w

    It's my manu's birthday and I can't keep calm. I mean how you can keep calm on the day when the most precious human arrived to make this world special with her presence.

    You're an angel in a human's disguise
    Trust me when I say I haven't met a
    human this wise, while doing something
    for you I wouldn't even think twice,
    for you I can give away my pizza's
    last slice (��), for describing you no
    metaphor and words would ever be suffice!

    Well from the above poem which is more gone than a nursery poem, you would be able to understand that I ain't good at rhymes and writing down poems for my people because every word makes me feel like it's not enough, that no they're so much good then this, all my writing abilities bow before my close ones and they bow before you too!


    PS- I have closed the main account, I mean no more posts there but how can I not post about you at mirakee when it's the first place where miracle like you happened to me. So here's my nursery poem for you which was meant to be cute like you but ended up being silly like me.

    Hate the new update! Can't even post my collage!

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