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    Yells of men who gathered around
    As they work to lift the shipment off the ground
    Some roared and laughed cherry in tone
    others shared promises of soon arrivals with ones they called their own
    Among the crowd stood two
    Who neither smiled nor vowed but let the silence
    Speak in volumes
    With trembling lips and dotted eyes she seeked an answer
    For the man she loved had non
    His feet walked away from her till he vanished in the mist that grew thicker
    With a heart heavier than the case he held in his hand and firm lips that held a secret
    he let a tear escape the grevious inside.
    Stood on the edge was her self
    as she let the sea take away her heart
    Wondering would the Waves be kind to her fargile core that had questioning hope of return
    Her world lost colors day by month
    She walked aimlessly in her confinement
    Her grey orbs were now used
    To seeing white and cold
    Old record's
    Old memories
    Filled the air
    As she danced to them often
    The sun hid itself for long enough
    For her too remember of it's existing warmth
    The moons and the star and the singing breeze
    Laid them down for her sleep
    Until a knock shooked her entire world deep
    It was her heart that had drowned in blood of it's own
    her loneliness played a waltz for her
    to dance in empty hallways that still lingered of his departuring fragrance .
    a moon that wished to embrace ,but could only lit floor thru windows she feet
    each twirl she made dripped from it was pain
    her poiruvating existence in black
    whispers a tale of tragedy
    she was a queen dressed in glittering tears a broken crown and a heart that sang for cracked castle walls ,dust and a parcel that wrapped in its self was a his clothes in winter blood.

    Hey y'all I know I've been out for long ����things are better now so I'll be back and active once again. God bless all your sweet souls ,ty for Caring hope you like this piece ♥️��
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