• sundarcvc 11w


    Love!! Hmmmm!! Interesting!!
    Definitely not the one that is glamorized,
    In the romance novel's page,
    Or not even the one's that are captured,
    In the 70mm screen image,
    All it is that it's a bio chemical change,
    For someone attractive within our range.
    No,not at all trying to be a noble sage.
    All I am saying is,
    Lust is the passage to love,
    By lust I don't mean the process,
    That makes her squeal,
    But anything that has it's appeal.
    That interesting and invigorating feel,
    Turning into guilt,
    If not approached to unravel what's concealed.
    Dreaming of that person as our ideal,
    Taking a step towards that person with zeal,
    And to know if they truly are a real deal.
    But it's their character that seals the deal.
    Yes,I said Lust,
    But that very lust told me
    Approaching that person is a must.
    And in the process of knowing that one,
    I knew she's the one.
    For it was not for lust,
    Would have kept waiting for miss perfect,
    Untill I formed rust.