• wisteria_ 69w

    Turn around maybe, sleep,
    This night that demands answers,
    Is just another nightmare,
    That came too early,
    And might never leave.

    Grey, that seeps in,
    From the filtered black,
    And a shadow you still see,
    Looks lesser dead than you do,
    Why don't you just sleep?

    Hush these bags beneath eyes,
    And ears know not to hear,
    They didn't when the world,
    Was presented on platter,
    As a pristine white advice.

    Oh, if you wait for birds now,
    They're far gone to ease,
    A monster might fly to window,
    And if you looked closer,
    It might have your own face.

    You wonder if the eyes dry up,
    And hopes evaporate back to sky,
    You would know pain rests,
    Beside a pillow with a knife hidden,
    Sleep honey, it's a long night.

    You are a child within four walls,
    Who cries and screams,
    You are a free prisoner of dark,
    Who is told to get help,
    Isn't it all a fear tiptoeing on your neck?

    The faces of daylight, and smiles,
    Look pale without love now,
    Sleep, before the bathroom ties you,
    To a mirror, that knows the words,
    You dread to your bones.