• richadas911 147w

    The letters

    Days passing by and
    I am winning over my patience
    Though its like you are thirsty,
    But waiting for the person
    to share the sip from the same glass.
    You seems to be so far ,
    But waiting for you is the most blissful memory.
    Because you know what, everyone is not that lucky to get a taste of it.
    With you, every day I've learnt something new.
    You've been handling my fragile little heart with your magical words and your voice.
    Everyone says how can you!? Are you serious?
    Yes babe!... I'm serious.
    Been a year since I've fallen for you,
    and this distance doesn't bother me at all
    As I believe waiting for you actually worth it.
    Only a few steps we've put forth,
    although have miles to go.
    I know these letters gonna be my companion,
    Until the day when
    We'll have butterflies in our stomach.