• the_boy_who_overthinks 59w


    You never know how much a person is hoping
    for that call, that one notification to pop up,
    You might do it when you are free and bored
    but the ecstasy that brings is high,
    When You go back to routine the other
    person is returned to feeling worthless,
    Its not that they need You to live rather
    It would make them feel alive with You,
    When casually saying to call back or meet later
    They clear their whole schedule and wait,
    Its not that they have nothing important
    Rather prioritizing You is simply a Choice.
    You say opposites don't match but then
    Remember this life is from Fire and Water.
    Don't mistake its their weakness be treated such,
    Cause their strength is in hoping to see change.
    So choose Your actions with care cause,
    One day You might end up breaking them.
    For the Heart is not like Toys,
    You can't keep mending it forever.

    -The Boy Who Overthinks