• zeee_zephyrs 27w


    Herbs and shrubs
    seem more viridescent
    as if hit by ecstasy,
    greenery enliven
    in the sombre meadows
    as the weather wears
    the fragnance of petrichor.

    I always wonder,
    what evokes this aroma
    and I desire to store them
    in my perfume bottles.
    I try to enclose them in poesies
    with the scent of metaphors
    and from down the memory lane
    I collect my childhood petrichor stories
    and enunciate it to them.

    But it seems,
    they aren't good listeners
    and etiquette isn't in their behaviour.
    Because Petrichor
    is followed by stygian clouds,
    which even conceal the horizon,
    aureate sky descends to grey
    and seems hopeless.
    Winds rush,
    for an unknown destination
    and my poetries are flown away
    leaving behind harsh tales
    and dried ink.

    So next time,
    when the firmament is in strokes of grey
    I would rather write
    an ode to autumn or to spring
    'cause now,
    petrichor feels unpleasant.

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