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    Fate has plans
    That I care
    Not to obey
    Your eyes speak
    A language that
    I dare not
    Comprehend, it is
    Beautiful, the way
    Certain words sound
    Beautiful, before you
    Come to decipher
    Their true meaning
    You love with
    All your heart
    But your past
    Is a shadow
    You can't shake
    Off, so you
    Always leave the
    Tiniest gap in
    A door that
    Only you can
    See, because you
    Cannot breathe underwater
    Without an exit
    Sign to keep
    Your body afloat.

    You walk and
    I run on
    The same roads
    I have no
    Real reason to
    But I end
    Up telling myself
    My feet are
    Not yet tired
    Life hasn't yet
    Worn me down
    I remember the
    Times when your
    Eyes were candles
    And they burnt
    With a ferocity
    That I admired
    From far away
    Now your feet
    Tread heavily on
    Fallen autumn leaves
    And your face
    Sighs the sigh
    Of the weary.

    We weren't taught
    Anything, nor given
    A trial run
    We grew up
    Under black skies
    And caught life
    At a million
    Miles an hour
    Running every red
    Light we could
    They couldn't tame
    All the wild
    In our blood
    Nor the fire
    In our bones
    We are alike
    In so many
    Ways, and yet
    Poles apart in
    So many others
    You were never
    Born desperate, they
    Programmed it into
    Your brain, and
    When I came
    Along, you branded
    It onto me.

    - Avitaj
    Picture belongs to me.

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    We caught life at a million miles an hour.