• aahilmir 27w

    Let us dance under the snowy sky, to the gentle
    sounds of melody, our dance of passion, love
    and longing....Only me and you in eternity, Give
    me an unforgettable moment when it's just me
    and you flying to the brightest star on the starry
    sky....Dancing for all the loves that have been
    and gone.....Dancing for all the loves that they
    feel but they are not destined to merge into
    one.....Let's dance for all the loves of this
    world....Put your arm around my waist and
    warm my heart in the quiet cold December night
    ----I will kiss you and wipe your tears, gliding like
    a pearl across your cheek....I will caress your
    face, your pain will glow away....Let's dance our
    last dance of destiny, at least for a moment we
    look deep in our eyes...Than we day goodbye
    with warmth in our hearts . with memories of
    some love which was not destined...

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