• gemsofficiel 39w


    The past 2 weeks, I've been down emotionally, spiritually and physically
    I even became tired of praying and reading my Bible.
    I felt so weak in every area
    Those that saw me wouldn't have guessed that anything was wrong because I tried so hard to look and feel strong

    But God saw right through me
    Nothing can be hidden from Him.
    He knew my pain and wanted to help
    I turned away and I felt I could help myself

    Yet God's love and mercy still showed up
    He made me truly understand
    That in my weakness, he is my strength
    Today, I'm strong because of His strength

    I understand that the tears that I cried were also prayers to Him
    He had my best interests at heart
    So I will trust in you always
    And depend on you all my days
    Je t'aime (I love You)