• _mehsvi_ 30w

    I'm Afraid

    I'm afraid to be good
    For they say
    Bad things happen to good people.
    I'm afraid to be a failure
    For I hate
    To be the reason of their disappointment .
    I'm afraid to be happy
    For it means
    The grief is just about to knock on the door.

    I'm afraid to be in a crowd
    For it feels
    More lonely to be alone in a crowd rather than being lonely alone.
    I'm afraid of being forgotten oblivion
    For I know
    I'll leave with having done nothing worth remembering.
    I'm afraid of being judged
    For I've seen
    The look in their eyes when I accidently just be me.
    I'm afraid to dream
    For I've experienced
    They're nothing but nightmares.

    I'm afraid to be in love
    For I believe
    I'll destroy the person first and then myself.
    I'm afraid to die
    For I've been told
    It will devastate the ones I have.
    I'm afraid to live
    For I feel
    I'll keep standing still at the same place where I've been for years without making any change.