• moonmoon 62w


    The other day, I stumbled onto 'Love',
    It looked me in the eye,
    With its eyes so deep, dark ,mysterious;
    Swooning me , hypnotizing me , captivating me.
    I evidently gazed back.
    As love slowly crawled into me,
    Piercing my chest,
    Running through my vessels,
    corroding and eroding every barrier ;
    Making its way to my entire entity,
    Benumbing my wits,
    And then carefully ripping my heart in bits.
    All through this I kept staring with adulation.

    In a trice,
    Blood started gushing out, my breath had started fading,
    Aah the pain!
    Aah the pleasure!
    It was then that I grasped,
    ' Love' had me trapped.
    Too late, I smiled feebly;
    Dazed but transfixed, slowly gave out a sigh
    and looked on with my half open eyes
    As it steadily devoured me.

    I could never shift my gaze.