• wine_mirrors 8w

    Dont romanticize my hurt, you say
    My pain does not exist for your aesthetics.
    Okay, then. I promise
    I promise to be blunt this time.

    You look ugly when you sleep.

    I do think that Blue Lays is better than the green one, i just wish you thought that its
    okay to have different tastes.

    I wish seeing your tears made me cry
    I really do, but i didnt. And it is what it is.

    I never really liked your spotify playlist
    Never even listened to more than two songs,
    In fact. (I gave up when i saw shawn mendes in there)

    At times I wish I could hate you.

    I once did cry because of the way you smiled when i woke you up and wished you happy birthday. Your eyes were brighter than all the birthday candles that i could've bought, so bright that I never would have blown the fire away from them even if it meant missing a wish.

    I'm sorry that i beautify everything that i see. I'm sorry for expecting us to turn into butterflies even when we were just a can of dying worms. I wish i could love you for the ugliness that you have, and the imperfections that we could have shared.

    I don't regret us breaking up.

    I just thought maybe we could've fixed it together

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    Uhh idk lol (insert poetic title)