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    *Where are you? Be there in 15 minutes.*

    Kritika sent the text, and got busy with her family members, and friends. She had invited everyone from her office, and few of Abhinav's close friends too. She knew, it will make him feel good.

    *Will be there in 5 minutes. Just to tell you, he didn't ask dozens of questions. To our surprise, he didn't ask even one. As i asked him to join me for meeting with a client in church, he thought for a while, and agreed immediately. I don't know what's running in his head. But your script failed here, Kritika.*

    She didn't give any heed to other part of the message. She was too nervous as they were coming soon. She instructed everyone what to do as per the plan, and went inside a small room inside the church.

    The door of the car opened, and Abhinav face lightened up. That was the same Church, Kritika used to dream marrying in. His face fell down again, realising it wasn't him. He looked up to Aditya, dressed appropriately to the occasion with the tie and brooch. It was his coat that felt little tight, and inappropriate fit to his muscular body. As they moved forward, Aditya stopped Abhinav just before the entrance, and removed his coat, to offer it to Abhinav.

    "What? Why?"
    "Come on, Abhinav. Your shirt is too bland for the meeting. Clients already know me, they don't need to see me well dressed. But your first impression should be good. You better take this tie with it as well. Wait, let me help."

    Abhinav felt awkward, but Aditya's hand moved swiftly. He didn't give Abhinav any time to question him. After he was done, he took out his comb, and asked him to redo his hair. Abhinav obeyed, for he was already sad about his future, only when Aditya whispered, "Buckle up man, your life's gonna change from today. All the best, for only you deserve the best!"

    Before Abhinav could understand anything, Mrs. Anjali Dua hugged him. She has always loved him like her own son, and it had been long since they met.
    "Hey, maa. I didn't know you were here too. I missed you."
    "I missed you too, Abhi. You're looking so handsome. Not a day older than 21."
    "All because of Kritika's love and car.."

    He suddenly felt the void. Does she know what's gonna happen today? Has Kritika told everyone about marrying Aditya? Moreover, are they happy with her decision? Ofcourse, they must be. Just like he was. In the end, they all love her happiness more than theirs. He hugged her again. As they both made an entry inside, he saw his parents too and his friends with gifts in their hands. His best friend, Vishal came to hug him, and whispered, "Just look at our single ass, you rascal. Have some pity over your friends, who haven't married even once, and you lucky ass, planning for your second official honeymoon?"

    Abhinav gasped at his statement, and then he began noticing the decorations inside the Church. The crimson blue shade, which was his favourite, covered the walls, with the contrasting shade of beige in between. He checked his coat again, it wasn't right for Aditya, it was never meant for him in the first place. As soon as he understood, what was it all about, his dad held his hand, and took him to the hall area, where the Father was ready with his marriage oath ceremony. He felt numb for a while.

    Everyone was waiting for the bride to enter, and when she didn't enter even after slight drumming that was a signal according to her plan only, Aditya panicked, and reached at the entrance where she was asked to enter from. As soon as she saw Aditya, her face glowed. Dressed in a beautiful white gown, as a traditional dress for typical Christian wedding, she was looking like a princess, with lacy long gloves covering her hands till her elbow, and her light pink colored jewellery. Aditya saw her first time without any sindoor and Mangalsutra, and was swept away in a moment. He completely forgot about the plans, and went near her.

    "How am i looking?"
    "Shall i sit on my right knee or left?"
    "Haha! Shut up Aditya. Come, give me your hand. Everyone is waiting for my entry. I already feel nervous. Take me to the hall."
    "In my arms?"
    "I'm not gonna do it. If i come close, i might lose control."
    "That was a good compliment. But you know, the bride enters with her best man beside her?"
    "So, walk beside me, idiot."
    "Am i your best man?"

    She smiled at him, and locked her hand with his, at the elbow, and they both walked inside the Church.


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    The Best Man

    Part - 27

    Aditya saw her first time without any sindoor and Mangalsutra, and was swept away in a moment.