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    Darlin !! Broken pieces
    you are my favorite metaphor
    in crimsoned sky where
    I keep myself busy in stitching
    the sour sore
    that sinks me in the azure
    where my heart carries Heliox
    for the senselessness
    being an Oblivion
    where my mind fights
    being a sciamachy in the ebony
    and grin in front of
    insomniac eyes
    where i able to feel the pain
    from the inks not to reciprocate but
    to be kind..Darlin!!
    I love your tinge when it pops
    on my screen as you taught me
    how to live with scars
    with the ragged fabrics..
    I don't hate your brunette as
    I'm using it as my Aadhar
    (base) allopathy
    in the mud of self centre
    wherein I bury the poignancy
    in the oven to stir a verse that
    sings the song Broken but beautiful...


    *oblivion :- unconsciousness
    *Sciamachy :- fighting with shadow/imagination
    *ebony :- dark cloud
    *brunette :- dark cloud

    sometimes I do rubbish��

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