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    Book Review: "Beyond The Gender Binary" by Alok Vaid Menon.

    This is one of the best books I've read till date and why won't it be? Coming from one of my idols- it was meant to be. Alok has been a person who has single handedly helped me in my fight against body shame.

    “The thing about shame is that it eats at you until it fully consumes you. Then you cannot tell the difference between their shame and your own— between a body and an apology.”

    Being fat, hairy, with a face full of pimples - I've been made fun of a million times, it was after I came across Alok that I found the beauty in me.

    “And we tell the kids who don’t fit into our categories that they are wrong. We tell them that they are not real. We punish them until they conform. We prove that we are real by telling them that they are not. We define ourselves by what we are not.”

    Through their words and images they have helped me be more confident in my skin and always inspired me to be open to transformation- of thoughts and being.

    “Gender is not what people look like to other people; it is what we know ourselves to be. No one else should be able to tell you who you are; that’s for you to decide.”

    This book is succinct yet so deep in its message that it took me time to finish it as each line was loaded with thought provoking meanings.

    “Power can be defined as the ability to make a particular perspective seem universal”

    These 32 pages were an epic for me.

    “This repression is something we first did to ourselves. We know how to do it so well to other people because we were the first testing grounds. We silenced our own differences, subdued our creativity, and toned down our own gender non-conformity in order to fit in. We thought fitting in would give us security—but is it security when someone else living their life differently unsettles us to our very core?”

    It made me rethink everything about gender and also about societal norms- the burden of which we carry throughout our lives like Sisyphus.

    “we have been taught to fear the very things that have the potential to set us free”

    I recommend this book to anyone who can read.

    “We want a world where boys can feel, girls can lead, and the rest of us can not only exist but thrive. This is not about erasing men and women but rather acknowledging that man and woman are two of many—stars in a constellation that do not compete but amplify one another’s shine.”

    P.S. I downloaded the pdf from 1lib.in


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