• lady_speaks 21w

    _September 2,2021_
    _2:15 p.m._

    Countless thoughts rumaged in my sleep,
    You were holding my hand as I fall to sleep,
    But then you're reluctant to watch as I sleep,
    Sad misty morning wakes me from my long sleep.

    Deep in your eyes rest you little white lies,
    Painted and stroked of those hand of your white lies,
    I received and got deceived by those lies,
    I'm just so blinded by your Fake love and your little white lies.

    Just as I remember, Late of night,
    You were whispering promises in the cold embrace of the night,
    The breeze of your promise felt so real as that night,
    Then tomorrow was filled with lies again of last night.

    Little White Lies sounds as heavy as vows,
    To made is to speak this lies but your vows,
    What a blind fish I was, keeping this vows,
    Little White Lies is not to define your vows.

    But I still want to hold it and wanting believe it!

    #epistrophe #wod #miraquill #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    Little White Lies