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    "So what did you tell Aditya?"
    "And why do you need to know that, Abhi?"
    "Because there ain't any secrets between best friends!"
    "But you're my husband!"
    "Does that mean we're not best friends anymore?"
    "You want to be friend-zoned again?"
    "Hahaha! I don't mean that. I mean we can be best friends too."
    "In that case, you would had to walk beside me in the church, instead of standing in front of me!"
    "What do you mean?"
    "The best man, or what you call, A bridesman is a close male relative and/or friend of the bride, one who walks down the aisle in the bridal ceremony in the traditional place of a bridesmaid. It is a position of the highest level of honor in male friendship. So tell me how can you walk beside me, and stand opposite to me, at the same time, Abhi?"

    He chuckled. He had been her best friend since 11 years, and to take that honour away felt weird. But he also acknowledged in that moment, what he wanted from their relationship was more than just friends. He wanted to have babies with her, and may be grandchildren too. He didn't want to just visit places with her, he wanted to build homes with her. And she was always the one, he found out of his reach, yet she was his. Now. He sighed relief. The fear he was facing since past three days, that was actually kept suppressed since two years, was finally gone. She loves him, and he loves her too. It was more than okay, if she wants to live their new beginnings as couples. That also meant, Aditya was not going anywhere from the picture, and most likely she'd keep in touch with him. This last thought made him jealous, and he kissed her passionately.

    "You know, he gifted us this car and our honeymoon as well."
    "Really! I thought this car is rented, and our honeymoon! Damn? You already planned it. I'm so excited for it!"
    "Yeah. I mean excited to discover a new place. Ofcourse."
    "Hahaha! I see. He gifted us this protection kit too. I guess, then, it'd be useless right now. Shall i disca.."
    "Oh shut up. We need it more than anything else, unless you've other plans!"
    "No babies till one year!"
    "One year is less, but i guess i can manage my desires."
    "Sure! We'll see that. Another thing, after our trip, I've organised a reception party as well, at our hometown! So don't forget about it."
    "Damn! That's surprisingly good idea. Will Aditya join us too?"
    "The host doesn't need to join a party!"
    "He's such a good friend."
    "The best!"


    "Good to see you guys back! I hope the trip went smooth!"
    "All thanks to you, Adi, and your staff, that gave us a VIP feel!"
    "Yes, sir.. i mean, Aditya.. sir.. i mean.."
    "It's okay Abhinav. I already befriended you! Seems like you're not comfortable with my friendship."
    "Oh no, nothing like that, Aditya!"
    "It's okay na, Adi. I'm your friend. Let him be your employee only. You're mine only. I don't want to share my best friend with anyone!"

    Aditya smiled at Kritika! All he wanted to say, in that moment, was he was also hers. But he knew Abhinav would feel awkward, if not jealous! His eyes followed her, and his heartbeat raised as her hand grasped his. She walked beside him, and they all went to the hometown party that was waiting for them.


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    The Best Man

    Part - 29

    All he wanted to say, in that moment, was he was also hers.