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    (Part 04: Of laurels and love)

    Disclaimer: Don't just scroll down and drop a single congratulations. Your fellow friend needed around an hour to do all this ��
    (You can still skip the disclaimer itself ��)

    *grabs the mic*

    Welcome to Malpe beach, one of the famous beaches in Udupi. My team of "A verse and a pen challenge" has brought you all to this place (with free flight tickets and hotel accommodations, of course) due to many reasons which I will let you know, hoping that you are all enjoying the place and the vibes associated here.
    *clichépenname appreciates the setup and takes the seat next to kairos_*

    One, we are here on the request of my friends who are a part of the self- help group "Pathetic Plastic". The dumping of polythene bags, and many other plastic items have indeed caused harm to the marine life here, and hence, as a part of our programme, I am proud to let you all know that we will be a part in this campaign and contribute towards making this world a better place for the marine life, as well as for the terrestrial ecosystem. We are also accepting money donations for the campaign, and the entire fund will be utilised for the drive. I hope you would all like to be a part of the initiative.
    *claps and hurrays from the lovely Miraquillean audience*

    Two. We have seen many people in our paradise complimenting about nature, the seashores, the tides, and of love and harmony. So why not experience life on a seashore at least for a moment?
    *squared and manasaa meanwhile get ready to grab as many seashells as possible*

    Three, it was meant to bring you all together, since I have seen the community charm in ourselves vanishing bit by bit. It is just my attempt of gathering my lovely people of a paradise. (Four, because it is my hometown and I'm proud of its beauty ����)

    *everyone are served hot tea with 'golibaje', a signature snack of Mangaluru. (basically like a pakora, but not a pakora lol)

    laus_deo: If it is going to be too formal, you'll be tasting the sands and then the sharks, okay?

    me: Okay, fine!
    So, without any delay, let us start our Prize Ceremony!!!!!!!
    *takes a deep breath*
    *voices from the audience*
    sereiin, Amsterdam and inhabited: Krish, we hope that you're starting the challenge with the revelation of the judges. We already have the stones ready in our hands. *wicked smiles*

    me: Uhmm, well, I have planned the epiphany for tomorrow. So........

    kairos_ , my_cup_of_poetry and zohiii : No! Take the blames away from us. We want to prove these people wrong. Don't hide the truth and laugh there, okay?

    jerry_21: You got me thinking all night regarding the same, and now see you, a man awake from a snory sleep, smiling in all cruel ways possible, duhh.

    me: la la la la laaaaa, no no no! It's all happening tomorrow!!!! Hold the anxiety *laughs weirdly*

    audience: KRISH!!!!!!!
    *meanwhile ignoring all the voices*
    Huhh people, to be honest, all of your submissions were as great as helllllllllllllll. I would have died of stress if I were to judge the prompt. But luckily, I'm alive today, thanks to the judges! The prizes have been decided based on the combined scores. :)

    So, the third prize goes to....
    ��@someone_you_know, for participating in this contest with her lovely submission describing the pov of love. Congratulations!!!!!
    Here we have our docs (XD) kairos_ and clichépenname to award you this medal and my handwritten note. I hope you like it :")
    Thank you! ♥️

    And, the second prize goes to......
    �� @natasha_a for her lovely piece which I am not finding on the platform for some reason *sighs*
    Maybe it's my eyes which are too lazy *-*
    To award you the medal and my small prize, we have lovenotes_from_carolyn here. Let us welcome her with lots of applaud!
    Thank you very much! ♥️
    (Has your username changed? *-*)

    The time you have been waiting for, is here...

    aditii_: Drags are too cringy Krishii, okay? Please don't say that you got the first prize, we've seen the same boring dialogue twice.

    *gently wipes tears*

    The first prize goes to,
    �� @shreyah for her unique piece describing the pov of anxiety. Congratulations mademoiselle. Here we have writersbay team on stage to give away the token of love (as you expected XD). Please accept it.
    Thank you SO much ♥️

    Naah naah, the prize ceremony is yet pending. We have three contestants who were very close to the winners, and hence I would like to call out their names and give them their medals too.
    The three participants are:

    I would like to thank you for participating in the prompt and submitting such beautiful crafts which indeed were high on a healthy competition. Collect your virtual book gifts backstage!
    Thank you so very much ♥️

    As always, I wouldn't miss the accessits, since they formed an integral part of the competition as well. I thank you all wholeheartedly from the podium. Sending you loads of love right from here, catch it!
    (please don't mind if you have changed your usernames ��)

    I'm so sorry that I had to bring it down to a simple arrangement and a formal hosting ceremony. This is all what I could do, thinking of all the safety I have to ensure in care of you all. And I'm also sorry for not complementing each of your pieces separately, I've already let you all know why. Greatest apologies for making you witness all my lame jokes �� (I tried to make it as nice as possible)

    Tonnes of apologies for the users who were assigned funny roles. I knew only a few whom I could add there and I couldn't help :"(
    I really hope that the unbiased results made everyone happy. After all, we too are people and we have different perspectives, right? So let us appreciate the present and enjoy the time here. We further have our campaign, and then, we will all have a typical Manglorean dinner planned by me, which I really hope you all will love to taste.
    Thank you!!!

    *crowd dispersal*

    #skpc #smk_avaap_ch

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