• thefoxisdead 6w

    I haven't had a person
    to truly love,
    since the year of '19,
    and, I haven't had
    a pat on the back,
    or, a repost,
    for writing my letters down,
    and putting them up
    for the auction
    of most reports.
    this sewer of creatures
    who pride themselves
    on being poets;
    of course, they are poets,
    as long as, it is safe to say
    that Donald Trump
    was an universally loved
    president for the States.

    now, these rodents,
    they are broadly divided
    into two categories —
    one : John Green enthusiasts,
    the ones to get off at flowers,
    or, hot-chocolate jars,
    for that matter.
    two : the kind of lowlifes
    who would gamble
    their mother's savings,
    just to see Haruki Murakami
    sodomise Kafka,
    who was apparently,
    sitting on the shore.

    so, the next time
    I hear about John Green's
    hot jerk-off challenge in Alaska,
    or, about Murakami
    and his slushy kitten-shaped
    it's going to be either me,
    or, you,
    in the end
    with a slit throat.


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