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    Here, the former Cookie, is a girl ( servant) and the later one is a food.

    P. S : Who loves Red velvet Ice-cream like me? Eat this up ;)

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    Cookie could cook cookie

    The blue bottles, and pomegranate fills,
    Ah! What a divine match of Summer.
    The oysters besides the beaches, well roasted
    and mother brushed their coats neat,
    A lick on and within, their coat,
    Wow, a flesh piece slipped within!

    Winter has fallen,
    her rich toffee cheeks brewed with some furrows,
    Jars filled with nutmegs only,
    Not a single praline cheese cakes in this winter
    Oh mum, at least pack me a jar full of Gingerbread men

    You, threw her out in one wintry night,
    just for stealing my new toy?
    Thousand a pennies, jingled in Dad's wallet
    And did you steal them,
    to show how decreasing order plays in practical ?

    Servant she wasn't, servant she wasn't,
    perhaps my favourite cook
    Ohhh! I miss her and her cookies these days
    I remember ,
    Cookie could cook cookie!