• kairos_ 74w

    The city
    born out of
    the blue, or green
    reeked of
    sweat and dreams and starts
    living in
    narrow roads
    and broader minds
    where talkative trees
    grew in the past,
    present as silent spectators
    in tall buildings
    that competed
    in a rat race
    struggling to find
    a space, a pause
    in the
    walls of crowd to
    out of breath
    where monotony
    brushing shoulders
    trimming beards
    of leisure at
    a price, under the sky
    that undressed,
    changing into
    different clothes
    yet painting
    the city grey
    never sleeping
    killing in its own way
    that atleast
    the living
    for once.

    - T.S.

    Picture credits - Me

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    A city thing to do.

    "Beyond the street lights, living.
    Under it, surviving?"