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    A: Wind
    B: Some roads lead you home

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    Mirth in Death

    What if death was waiting for me the next door?
    I heard him pounding
    towards the door, slowly.
    He knocked on the door,
    tried to latch the door carefully
    and quietly whispered,
    "it's time to go, to flow
    like the wind, to follow
    a mysterious path."
    I sat down on the
    chair to hear my heartbeat
    for the last time,
    to think about doing
    something before death
    enters and take me away.
    I remembered the old days,
    when I smiled, cried, got excited.
    I felt empty as if there were
    still a few little things left to complete.
    I wanted to eat one last meal
    cooked by my mother, yes, I felt hungry.
    I wanted to drink gallons of water
    one last time to experience
    the feeling of quenching my thirst.
    I wanted to see the view
    from my balcony one last time
    so that when I move like the wind,
    I remember where I have to go.
    Maybe, I wanted to write letters
    to every single person, I loved in
    my entire life and tell them
    "I love you and miss me".
    I will listen to all my favourite
    songs and dance till my feet
    get tired and till I lose my last breath.
    I will laugh at my jokes
    and cry over every heartbreak once again.
    I will want to read Shakespeare
    and mock and praise his plays
    at the same time, experience
    and relive his epilogues as if
    I am saying all that to this world.
    I want to sleep like there is no
    tomorrow and move to the other
    world dreaming about the
    most beautiful memories
    I had in this short life of mine.
    Maybe, I am leaving one
    home and progressing to
    another compelling home.
    Isn't it true some roads lead you home?
    I will wait for death with a lovely
    smile on my face only after
    I have celebrated every second.