• steffy2110 28w

    It's raining Snowflake

    When the little boy was spreading his palms, cupping to catch his first snowflake,
    As I was floating by the wind
    And thought to myself
    I will be the guest for this little one
    So excited to catch one, he jumped in elation when I landed on his little palms
    He held so protective of me, to not spill
    Can't stay for much long
    I can keep it together if it's still cold enough and if the little hands don't drop me accidentally
    I have seen little and older ones do the catch and hold and throw
    It's a rush for us snowflakes too
    But it's a good feeling to be held so lovingly and him gazing at me like I am the best ever thing came upon this little boy
    Sparkle in the boy's eyes was the best feeling for me too
    Love the feels, to be held with admiration
    To see I brought that beautiful smile
    Made my day just like I made his
    I will remember this sweet soul even I join the puddle,
    I wonder he will remember this old snowflake too when he grows old...