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    6 March 2022 6.55 pm

    Aren't they #siblings so surreal ?

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    Aye Thank you so much for Repost @writersnetwork (^o^)

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    Surreal Siblings

    Sleep and death are siblings
    Fighting to control the reins that pull
    Fragile eyelids hooked on slumber strings
    Elder lies and lures, younger tries to cure

    Sleep holds it tighter to his warmth
    And ties it with dreamlights thin
    So the mind can lie at leisure
    And lather in its glow and glee

    Death dares to snatch it and leave
    Into the land where cold never melts off
    He pushes the mind to freeze fatal
    And body to burn or bury in blood

    Most often in this fight, the traitor mind
    Wishes to join the elder, ignoring the younger
    Former shows glimpses of gore in mares
    And latter has to stitch the linenlores close

    With layers of clouds that soak breaths
    Sleep still struggles to coddle and cafune'
    Heart and soul, but who can escape from
    The hands of death that cradles one's destiny

    || They can't change but commingle to exist
    They can't help but stay and steal the show
    One time to serve and one time to swallow
    Till the soul isn't awake to search for them ||