• amulyafreelancerr 250w


    Is it just me or does your heart too suffuse with disgust when you hear about this?
    Society's paradigm of an 'ideal woman'.
    Never to stand against her courteous behaviour and responding to everything with unprecedented benevolence,
    And what's the payoff?
    Certainly not.
    A token to survive in this aristocracy? Yes, indeed.
    I fail to conceal my astonishment when I see even nobility articulate such ideals,
    And their verdict seem so hollow that it makes my heart bleed.
    Let's believe in ideas that don't categorise women,
    Let's believe in ideas that strive for those amazing imperfections,
    I think its important for us to stop thinking so much and start believing a lot more.
    And my friend, we'll achieve felicity then and that won't do any harm to this world. It will only make it more beautiful,
    A paradise, perhaps!