• shadowofthoughts_ 6w

    The drowning.

    I would never skip a breathe,
    Neither would I ignore my shadows.

    I have never given up on lights,
    Neither did I surrender to the night.

    But I drowned,
    I drowned in the sea of destiny.
    I drowned in the stars of sky.
    I drowned when I couldn't swim.
    I drowned at my worst.

    I tried and catched the balls coming to me.
    I surrendered to the endless nights of past haunting me.
    I gave up and lights lighted the lines of my darkness.

    I drowned,
    I swam.
    I'm still here.
    And I am not me.

    Saudade shades I owned.
    In hiraeth of home,
    I lost my reasons to roam.