• ahirkarajath 26w

    Our perfect love, or should i say affair? Well, what lasts is love and i know you are still here. What ends is an affair, and that is pretty evident. i couldn't decide #consonance #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld

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    our perfect love affair

    you took me to the darkest rooms of mine.
    i wanted to cry, but i had cried enough.
    i wanted to sigh, but i was never heard.
    i want to live now, and i want to love,
    i want to cuddle, and i want to hug.
    i would sing, but this heart speaks no more.
    i wish to be, but my own self is lost.
    you add harmony to my heart beats, porcupine!
    i lost you, and i beat my chest.
    i let you go, and i curse myself.
    i loved, oh! and i loved how you made me smile.
    i laughed, and i loved how openly i could cry.
    i was yours, and yet i was scared to let go.
    i look for a firefly, as in dark, now i sit alone.
    you were the light guiding me to our shrine.
    i and you are separated now.
    i and you were perfect, just how?
    i still smile, walking down the memory lane,
    i sometimes laugh alone, tell me, am i insane?
    i still remember every single detail,
    i remeber your nose, your hands, and your face.
    you and i, in consonance, as two dots make a line.